Triteia offers you a comprehensive, simple and safe solution that enables you to accurately dissolve multiple types of granular and powder chemicals.

The Triteia system comprises a dosing feeder, a dissolving subsystem, and an advanced control platform  with an intuitive user interface.

Accuracy at the heart of
the system

Triteia Dosing Feeder

The unique Triteia Dosing Feeder dispenses a discrete and accurate dosage of powder or granular chemicals to enable accurate, reliable, and controlled chemical solution preparation.

All of the dosing feeder’s components are integrated into a single compact device in which a 24VDC geared motor operates and is monitored by an IR sensor, and both are installed in a fully-sealed housing and connected to a Metering Rotoric Valve and Valve Housing by specially designed adapters.

The dosing feeder operation is controlled and monitored in direct correlation with the automatic operation of the dissolving subsystem. This ensures that the chemical solution is accurately and reliably prepared based on predetermined user settings and continuous process variables. Brush cleaning and heating of the rotoric valve and its housing prevents residue of solid chemical from accumulating in the dosing feeder.

The dosing feeder operation is controlled and monitored in direct correlation with the automatic operation of the dissolving subsystem.

The Dissolving System

In order to achieve highly accurate and homogeneous chemical concentration in the liquid solution preparation stage, the Triteia Dissolving System and Dosing Feeder were designed for operation in controlled synchronization – using continuous sensor measurements. Triteia achieves the smallest feed rate and resolution of 5 grams per hour.

Triteia systems use different mixing methods at the solution preparation stage based on the prepared chemical properties and the size of the system.

Triteia Control Platform

The Triteia Control Platform is a smart, flexible and easily configurable control system with an intuitive user interface that uses integrated and external sensors and advanced software algorithms to fully control and monitor the process of solid-to-liquid chemical preparation. The system also includes liquid chemical dosing control.

The Triteia control system offers and automatically operates over 100 control, monitoring, logging, communication, and testing functions for a wide range of applications, processes, capacities, and materials and for many specific user requirements.

Users can access these functions remotely, locally, automatically, or manually to control and achieve accurate chemical solution concentrations from wherever they are, and to improve chemical dissolving processes and save costs.

Triteia Control Platform Features

  • Process Control

    • End-to-end process control for the dosing and dissolving of granular and powder chemicals into accurate chemical solutions
    • Automatic, reliable and safe streamlined system operations
    • Predefined programs and settings for specific chemicals, together with adaptation to additional process variables that are continuously measured by integrated and external sensors
    • Multiple process control programs tailored to specific chemicals and to various water treatment applications (for example, drinking water and agriculture), waste water treatment, and various industrial processes
    • Standard control and monitoring I/Os to expand the control spectrum by using a number of external process variables such as flow rate and chemical analysis
  • Remote Control, Data Management & Communication

    • Remote system operations, external measurements, control inputs and alarm output(s) as standard
    • Remote control capabilities and data communication through Modbus TCP as standard
    • Internal and external data monitoring and logging, for local and remote displays and for transfer in ready-to-use log files
    • Configurable user access permission levels
    • Simple and fast software upgrade capabilities
    • Easy USB data transfer process for simple and fast control software upgrades, as well as for remote support from Triteia process engineers
  • User Interface

    • Clear graphical intuitive HMI on a 4.3” touchscreen
    • Full menu for end-to-end functionality or quick menu with 1-2 screens for simplified daily operations