Higher Concentration & Stability

Save Investments & Operation

Safe with Minimal Environmental Impact

Liquid chemicals are still used for a wide variety of applications, including water treatment for drinking and agricultural use, waste water treatment and in various industrial processes. However, due to their relatively low concentration of active components, which in some chemicals also decreases even more during storage periods, the use of liquid chemicals leads to high storage and operational costs (transportation and chemical storage management). This, together with environmental and safety concerns including potential chemical spills and corrosion, make the use of liquid chemicals challenging. As a result, the use of granular and powder chemicals as an alternative to liquid chemicals for these applications is on the rise.

The main reasons for this include the high concentration of the active ingredients in solid chemicals which also remains stable over long storage periods; substantially lower transportation and storage costs due to smaller volumes; cleaner and more efficient storage and usage; and significantly lower environmental and safety risks.

The advantages of using granular and powder chemicals are clear – but the need for a comprehensive solution to dissolve these chemicals into accurate solutions at the point of use in a simple, reliable, safe, and cost-effective manner remains.