Smart and Accurate Systems for Dissolving Granular Chlorine

Why Granular Chlorine?
Higher Concentration  & Stability

Higher Concentration & Stability

Save Investments  & Operation Costs

Save Investments & Operation Costs

Safe with Minimal Environmental Impact

Safe with Minimal Environmental Impact

The low concentration and fast degradation of the free active chlorine in liquid sodium hypochlorite impose operational, economic and environmental challenges.

In contrast, granular chlorine has a higher and stable concentration of the active chlorine which lowers transportation and storage costs as well as environmental and safety risks.

Triteia brings an innovative, comprehensive and cost-effective solution for using accurately and reliably granular chlorine at the point of use.

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""The greatest value in all of the Triteia systems that we operate lies in their simplicity, which does not compromise their reliability and the end result – full control over the chlorination process.”"
Rani Fisher, Chief Engineer, Bloom Agro
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